Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Ruby

This is a special blog post for a very special, dear friend, and sister in my life. She is my longest friend, and one of my truest friends ever. Over the past 17 years of our friendship, you can only imagine what we have been through together. Lots of ups and downs, but memories to last a lifetime. I am so glad I have her by my side after all these years. So it was an honour and privilege to make a special cake for her birthday.

Ruby, is slightly delusional though. Somewhere along the years she had this misconception that she was a princess. Wherever we go, somehow she got her way into doing what she wanted to do. I don't even know why or how she gets away with it, she just does. She takes forever to get ready. I mean, we should have learned this by now, but when she says she'll be ready in 15 minutes, why are we arriving at her house in 15 minutes knowing she is going to make us wait another 15 to 30 minutes while she gets ready? I don't know! But we still do it. Why does Tanya always need to peel the shell off the shrimp before Ruby can eat it? Can't she do it herself? Yet we still never argue. Because it's Ruby. And Ruby is a princess.

I really wanted to give the Chevron pattern a go. It's such a unique pattern, and I saw a tutorial from which I wanted to try. As time consuming as I knew it would be, I figured, why not for Ruby. I really enjoyed that tutorial, but boy was that a lot of work! Getting these lines to match up with the other is not an easy task but when it's on the cake, it's just gorgeous! I needed something for the top tier and already knew what it would be. I chose to do a silhouette of a princess, crown and all. Nothing less would do for her.

And do top it off, I added a beautiful open peony flower.

It turned out just beautifully!! And perfect for one of my besties. It made her so happy which made all that hard work worth it. She is a gem :)

Here we are. Ruby I love you to death, I feel like we're married to each other. For better or worse is what I always remind myself with you lol! Even tho sometimes I really would like to take my head and bang in against a wall after a long conversation with you, I still wouldn't change it for the world. You're a great woman and mother and I love you so much.