Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tiffany's Gift Box Cake

Which lady isn’t familiar with the ultimate jewellery store for that one of a kind diamond ring? I remember walking in the Yorkville area in Toronto with my then fiancĂ©, and coming across this store. We had already been looking for engagement rings, but I just wanted to take a small peak at their selection. Just a peak! “I promise, I won’t fall in love with any of them” is what I said to Richie. Yeah right! I walked in and was jaw smacked at a few of their selections. However I could tell from the look on Richie’s face, he wanted to get outta there lol! I don’t blame him, the price tag on those beauties was well beyond our budget. So we walked out and he got me another engagement ring which was equally as beautiful, and I treasure deeply.

Tiffany’s has a signature box for all their jewellery which is pretty much world knows as this beautiful teal box with a shiny white bow on top. It’s quite gorg! My boss had asked me to make his wife a birthday cake for her 50th birthday. As she is a true lover of Tiffany’s, it was only fitting to make this cake for her. I don’t think anything else would sufficed.

The bow was from a tutorial I learned from Lesley at RoyalBakery. This cake is fluffy vanilla with a raspberry jam filling and buttercream frosting inside, and a whoooole lotta goodness!

Last Fling Before The Ring

Corset Bachelorette Cake "Last fling before the ring". Chocolate cake with rich creamy chocolate frosting.

Anniversary Cake

Happy 4th wedding anniversary to Tharshan and Tania. They are a very sweet couple and dear friends of mine so I thoroughly enjoyed making this cake for them. Once again, free reign on the design - thank you! This cake was 3 layers of chocolate with rich creamy chocolate frosting. 

Birthday Cake

I love it when I have free reign to create something special for someone. And she is someone very special to me. I had the honour of making a good friend of mine's birthday cake and wanted it to pop with colour. She just asked for bright and beautiful so I hope I captured exactly that. I wanted to incorporate fabric and pearls because she is so into fashion. Bottom tier is red velvet and top tier is strawberry shortcake.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Summer Time!

This cake was inspired by Cakes by Elisa https://www.facebook.com/CakesbyElisa.
I just loved the design and had to try it out myself! The colours being so bright and summery made this fit the season we're in.
This was a strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries inside the cake.

And a quick look inside to see the strawberry goodness...

Baby Shower Cake (Surprise Inside!)

Baby shower cake for a little girl who they have already named. There would be a cool surprise for when they cut into this cake. I learned this technique of the Leopard Print by MyCakeSchool.com. It was such a hit! A lovely surprise for the mother to be and her guests. And a delightful treat to share. I am as always, honoured to be a part of such special occasions. 

And here is a look inside at the leopard print, isn't it awesome! It's the perfect surprise for just any occasion! 

Monday, July 09, 2012

Guitar Themed Cupcakes

Guitar themed cupcakes for a cool bass guitar player's birthday! His dear wife sent me a picture of the guitar he plays and I was able to work off from that. She is such a sweetheart to plan such a lovely surprise gathering for him! Needless to say, he was thrilled at his surprise. It was so sweet! 

Two flavors here, chocolate mania and cookies and cream.

And the birthday boy blowing out his candles. Happy Birthday Keith!!

1st Birthday Cake

One year old birthday cake for a beautiful little girl. It was a pure joy to deliver this cake today. Her face was so precious and so happy. It is times like these when I realize how much I love my job :) both tiers were fluffy vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.

Graduation Cake

Graduation cake made with 3 layers of fluffy vanilla cake, custard filling with fresh strawberries. That Tiffany blue is by far one of my favorite colors :)

DJ Turntable

Pioneer DJ Turntable Cake! This cake was marble cake with white chocolate ganache filling. Inspired by the actual board this DJ works off of.

Nurse Cake

Ah! I love nurses! I think they deserve so much respect and recognition for all their hard work. They are anyway the doctor's sidekicks and doctor's do rely on them so much. So once again as always, I was honoured to make this cake for a nurse turning the big 5-0! I shaped this cake using a 9x13" pan and baked a separate 8" cake to cut the sleeves from. The Stethoscope was made from fondant. Those are supposed to be Tylenol pills. Cake was chocolate cake with a rich creamy chocolate frosting.

Pink Zebra Baby Shower Cake

This cake was made for a very dear friend of mine Dianne. It was an honour to be able to play a part in her baby shower. She and Ben knew they were having a little girl so it was fun making this zebra themed baby shower cake. It fit perfectly well with the rest of the decor. This cake was her favourite, of course, chocolate.

3D Panda Bear Cake

The customer requested this cake with bamboo sticks. Grass leaves are made from fondant. After he was done I took a second glance at him and went Awwww! What a cutie!

Graduation Cake

I made this Graduation Cake for my mama's boss at work. He reached the highest level in his studies and so the whole department was so proud of him they organized to have this cake made by me. The topper is Joel, the graduate. This cake is red velvet with cream cheese frosting layered with chocolate fondant.