Monday, February 25, 2013

A man and his house.

I love hearing about young entrepreneurs. It encourages me even more to push myself beyond my limits, and gives me a great sense of pride that there are more younger people rising up to start their own business. It was so great to work on this cake for a young man who has his own housing business. And only at the age of 25, I say that's success!

The sister ordered the cake from me and requested a figure model made out to be like him, in his normal everyday work clothes. Perfect! And then the cake should resemble a house, naturally. So this cake was so much fun to work on! 


"Play Me A Tune, Darling"

Have you ever heard that song from Toni Braxton called "Spanish Guitar?" It is so beautiful, and the guitar in that song is so soothing. That's when I fell in love with this melodious sound. This was my first guitar cake and I am very pleased with it. A lovely wifey ordered it as a surprise for her husband who loves playing his guitar so I mimicked the guitar he plays at home. Enjoy listening to some of this instrument today :)

Heineken Bottlecap Cake

The same friend who requested the Hello Kitty also had an uncle turning 60 and had requested a second personalized cake. This girl is a gem, seriously. And her uncle LOVES Heineken! So I turned this cake to represent the Heineken bottle cap. Both cakes were SO much fun to work on! And here is wishing Kagi and her new husband best wishes on wedded life!

Hello Kitty Castle Cake

Here is a Hello Kitty cake I made for a friend of mine. It was presented actually at her own wedding, but she was kind enough to remember her little sister's birthday and requested a personalized cake for her. How incredibly sweet! This was my first time making Hello Kitty, and it was fully inspired by Lesley from Royal Bakery. I used her tutorial to make the cake look like a castle and the details on Hello Kitty's dress. I hope you all enjoy it :)