Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy 60th Anniversary!

60 years? That's like, unheard of these days. My grandparents are truly a one of a kind couple though. I am not surprised that they have lasted this long. They were made for each other, and their love truly does grow more and more with each passing day. They still wake up early in the morning every single day and pray together. My heart just sinks into my chest thinking about how pure they are. We had family fly in from all over to surprise them for their anniversary. It was a beautiful celebration, and one I am so glad to have been a part of. I gave a special speech letting them know how much we as grandchildren appreciated them in our lives.

This was a simple two tiered cake, lilac with white accents, topped with a beautiful sugar peony flower.

and here are my beautiful Grandparents. We love you oh so much! Congratulations on 60 years of wedded bliss!

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