Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Zebra Surprise!

A very cool request was made from one of my customers, and I can't wait to share it with you here! So we all know that zebra print is so in, in fashion, wallpaper, and in cakes! We've seen hundreds of zebra print designs all over the web, and I too have made a few myself. But the cool request about this particular order was, she wanted zebra print INSIDE the cake. WHAT? I know! I was like, that is so totally awesome! After a quick search on achieving that, I excitedly called her back letting her know this can be done! I was so excited to get started :D

The outside of the cake was the black and white zebra print with a beautiful bow to match and some bling. But I knew the real 'wow' factor would be when the guest cut inside the cake. I asked for her to please send me pictures once they do!

However, I know myself. My patience, although tested and true, could not wait that long to see the end result. So what did I do? This...

And I don't regret it one bit! This was a money shot and I'm glad I took it. Look how gorgeous those stripes turned out? So I learned this technique from an online school I'm enrolled in, called There are so many helpful tips tricks and tutorials to learn and really improve your cake decorating skills, and clearly, it's top notch advice! I'm really glad I enrolled.

Happy Birthday Sabrina!

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