Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BFF: Tanya's Birthday

There are some friends you know are just for a season. They come, serve a purpose whether good or bad, and then they leave. I've had so many of those come and go in my life. You learn something new through each new friendship you make. Valuable lessons for sure. However I believe there are some friends God has placed in our lives to last a lifetime. This girl is one of them.

This post is dedicated to Tanya. She and I met when we were 15 years old in high school. Grade 9 History to be exact! We connected right away. And throughout the years we've had so many ups and downs, but nothing big enough to separate us. Our friendship has only grown with each new day.

So, I got to thinking what to make as her birthday cake. I already knew it had to be chocolate. This girl is a chocolate nut. Sorry, DARK chocolate nut. Can't give her anything else. So I whipped up my ultra moist chocolate cake and frosted it with my rich creamy chocolate frosting. HEAVEN!

Another first for this cake is the Damask stencil. Ok so I was pacing up and down my kitchen for at least 10 minutes before actually putting this stencil on. I was totally freaking out because, I was putting black on white! One mistake and there will be a stain for sure, and I wasn't about to present her a cake with any stain. Finally I mustered the courage to approach my cake with spatula in one hand, stencil in the other and said "Let's do this."

I think I nearly cried when I saw the finished look.

The damask design is my favourite pattern (hence why it's in my logo). I had to do something unique and special for this girl. Stuck with her for life! So I won't hear the end of it if it sucked lol!

I made the blue dahlia out of gumpaste. Super easy to do! I hope to do a tutorial on that very soon :)

Happy Birthday Tanya. Thanks for being so awesome and putting up with all the lovely nonsense I throw your way. <3

Here we are, she's on the right. Isn't she gorg? Love you girl xoxo

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